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A girl gots to do, what a girl gots to do.......

When I had definitively decided that I was quitting my job to travel the world. Not only did everyone think I was crazy (and a bit envious), but so did I. My story is really similar to most others really. Except, I had no money saved (Shocker!! coming from NYC). But, like a natural born hustler (or just a daughter of two hippies) that wasn't going to stop me. I immediately called a friend to see if I could get in on a newly founded business of trimming marijuana. That's right, you read that correctly ;) 

I had thought about staying one more year in New York and moving to Brooklyn or some other gentrified neighborhood in order to save money. But, let's face it, I had paid my dues and that was the last thing I wanted to do. Long commutes via subway and another cold ass winter, NO thank you! So I traded in my leather pants and stilettos for the crappiest clothes I could find and a pair of sneakers. Shipped all of my belongings to a family member to store and off to the famous "Emerald Triangle" I went. 

Home of the "Sour Diesel" and the town that my friend described perfectly as a circus was my "home" for 4 months. Lol. A very small town flooded with hippies, homeless, and hobos. A place where cops are pretty non-existent. Anything that happens after 5pm when the only cop in town gets off work, well, good luck getting help. The pure freedom that exists in this town is like no other. So different, in fact, that the rural portion of Northern California is trying to become their own State called, Jefferson, crazy! Anyways, I digress......

Trim scenes are anything but glamorous. It was camping on a mountain in the middle of nowhere and not a piece of porcelain in sight (yes, toilets, no toilets). Thankfully we had showers but being in the middle of a 4yr drought, occasionally there would be days before we would have water. This was the epitome of roughing it. People gather from all over the world to partake in trimming season, they call these "trimmigrants". They come in by the bus loads, usually after Burning Man, looking for work. If you thought New York night clubs are exclusive, well, so are trim scenes. People wait around for days/ weeks to get picked up (IF they're lucky) or you have to know someone, who knows someone......who, well, knows someone. Lol. Not all trim scenes are alike as well. Some places do not provide hot water or stoves and you can be stuck eating your dinners out of cans and bathing in cold water in 40 degree weather. Yikes! Our scene was coined with the nickname "Mansion" because we had a lot of amenities in comparison to others. (Leave it to me to get linked with the trim scene with the most amenities, lol, where I was also nicknamed "trim princess").

In all, the experience was far from glamorous and completely out of my comfort zone on so many levels. Growing up camping and living on a farm for a few years of my childhood certainly helped me. However, at heart, I am a girl who hates camping because I love the amenities that comes with a nice hotel. But, this experience was amazing. I met so many people from so many different walks of life and truly appreciated the community feeling, we were like one big family. And with lots of wine, I made it through!! Lol.